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Sorry... but I don't hate Rufus like I used to. Oct. 12th, 2005 @ 06:14 pm

I never said I wasn't a shallow bitch.  So yeah, half of why I like Rufus now is how freaking hot they made him look in Advent Children.  The other half is how badass they made him in Advent Children.  I won't be deleting this community--we had some good times here, didn't we?  All, what, four of us.  XD  But I probably won't post here anymore, or do anything snazzy to the layout or anything.
In my defense, look at him!!!!

What do you think? Aug. 18th, 2005 @ 02:04 am
I've decided to register at quizilla and make quizzes.  My first project is gonna be be Final Fantasy VII character quiz.  I've written up bios for everyone, and I'm working on questions and pics as we speak.  (With lots of help from mazzie_may ) Anyway, here's my Rufus result thingie.  What do you think?
You Are Rufus! Click here to feel the hate. ^_^Collapse )

On behalf of mazzie_may Aug. 9th, 2005 @ 10:12 pm
Rufus snorts coke and has stupid shoes... or something like that. XD
As for me, well, I agree completely.
I really really hope Reno and Rude aren't kissing his ass in Advent Children. It's bad enough they're still associated with him. I forgive them, though. Can't stay mad at my Turks. I wuvs them.
They should so push Rufus's wheelchair (with him in it, of course) off the roof of a building in AC. LMAO. That would make the movie for me.

What... Jul. 30th, 2005 @ 10:31 am
...is with his hair? He's always just pushing it out of his face. And there's no reason to. His hair geled in such a manner that the stray hairs that enter his line of vision isn't touching his face. He probably geled them that way on purpose. It's annoying.

And why is he skinnier than Yuffie?? Explaine that to me. He wears that huge coat and and suit underneath. And Yuffie - skinny, skinny Yuffie - is still thicker than he is. Starving himself, much?
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You know what else annoys me about Rufus? Jul. 29th, 2005 @ 01:43 am
Rufus fangirls, more specifically. HIS PERSONALITY SUCKS!!! He's snobby, and has one hell of a superiority complex.
There are some villains out there that I really enjoy--like Seifer from FF8, and the Turks from FF7, if we're talking strictly Final Fantasy. You know why I like them even though they're "bad guys"--it's because they have *drum roll* REDEEMING QUALITIES.
The only reason Rufus even has any fans, is because chicks think he's hot.
I don't know what's worse--stories where *they* f*ck him senseless, or stories where he gets paired off with another "hot" (always male) character. Because if it ain't a Mary-Sue it's gonna be an unjustified slash-fic. Bet your gil on it.
I have no problem with slash--been known to write it myself sometimes.
But you keep your grubby paws off of Reno. Though his hair is quite...ahem...well, it lends itself to bisexuality, at least...Anyway, if Reno were gonna be with a dude, I think it'd be Rude. Hey, that rhymes!
Yeah, so to reiterate statement(s) made by mazzie_may : Good God, don't pair Rufus with Reno!
Or Rude.
Or Tseng.
Or Cloud. (When the hell would this happen, anyway? When he's half-retarded in the wheelchair in Mideel, maybe? Then it could be loosely categorized as a "hurt/comfort" fic. Awww...)
Or Sephiroth.
Sephiroth: Hi, I killed your dad.
Rufus: Then I guess I'm in charge now. Thanks. By the way, I'm a stuck-up, power-hungry twat.
Sephiroth: Wanna screw?
Rufus: Okay.
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» Reno and Rufus
I just saw another fan fic for them today. Which is terrible. I mean, really. Could never happen. I mean, they never have any interation in the game what-so-ever, and the one time Reno does mention Rufus, he's bad mouthing him.

To further my point, when would Reno have a chance to speak with Rufus? If Rufus has a mission for the Turks, they recieve it via fax machine, I'm sure. And if the Turks had to speak with the President, Tseng would be the only one going. Any meeting's of any kind, Tseng would be there to represent the Turks. And even after Tsengs death, I bet Rude or maybe even Elena would be in charge them. But not Reno.

Digging even deeper, Rufus would be a high maintenance boyfriend. And Reno doesn't do that kind of ass-kissing. It would go against all he stands for. The same goes for Rufus; he wouldn't "dirty" himself with someone below him. It's just a simple fact.

Reno would never have sex with Rufus, because feffu_cat would never have sex with Rufus, and feffu Reno. See how that works? *traces a circle in the air with her finger*
» Just testing.
I've done jack squat to make this little community look cool, but I'll get around to it. Just haven't found enough pictures of Rufus to bloody up and whatnot. This is pretty much just a test post anyway.
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