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A Place Where Rufus Haters Can Run Amok

Rufus Is A Doofus
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Just like it says on the main page, this is a place where Rufus haters can run amok.
This community is for anyone, who, like I do, has a violent opposition to the prissy blonde menace from Final Fantasy VII. Just why does he get so much attention? He's hardly around, and when he is, he's being a stuck-up, power-hungry little bitch. I'll leave further ranting and debate to in-community discussion.
Rules...let's see. I'm pretty laid-back, so there's not a lot I won't allow.
Just put anything with excessive cussing, etc. behind a cut--not everyone talks like Cid Highwind, or wants to listen to someone who does.
Put artwork and fics behind a cut as well.
Try to stay on-topic--at least make your post(s) somewhat FF7 related. XD
I may go back on this, but for now, out of respect for fellow authors, let's not link to any Rufus fanfiction and bash it. I'd be crushed if I knew someone did something like that to my work.
Be at least mildly respectful to your fellow members here. No personal insults. No insulting people for things beyond their control--race, gender, etc.
Oh, and, anyone coming here because you think you can sell us on how wonderful Rufus is--you're an idiot. Not gonna happen. It's people like you who made me hate a character I was otherwise indifferent to. =P Just stick to your fangirling and making him have hot wild sex with Reno and whatever else you like to do to/with him. (You mother $&%(@&^'s. Reno would NEVER!!!!! And even if he would, he's way better than Rufus.) Just keep me and my nice little community out of it.
Now that I've covered the no-no's, guess I should say what's okay, and encouraged.
Introductory posts are fine by me, as is pimping your fics or artwork. You can either link to your work, or post it right here. Just be sure to put big pics and stories behind a cut. (If you don't know how to do that, ask around, or consult the FAQ here at this site. That's how I learned.)
Healthy, and in some cases, unhealthy debate. ;)
Posting!!! I want this place to be active. This includes commenting on others' posts as well!